SANAWARME is a special plaster made from natural materials such as hydraulic lime, kaolin, expanded perlite, cork flour, selected aggregates, specific anti-saline compounds, and natural reinforcing fibers. It is specially designed to create a continuous and homogeneous envelope around wall surfaces, providing significant benefits in terms of thermal resistance, thermal inertia, hygrometric balance, and environmental health.


Thanks to its bulk density (approximately 400 kg/m³, reached after complete drying) and the particular distribution of porosity, SANAWARME significantly improves the thermal inertia of wall structures. In this way, the walls tend to remain warmer in winter and cooler in summer, achieving a significant increase in phase shifts and attenuation of temperature fluctuations.


Made with natural mineral components, SANAWARME has low resistance to vapor passage and is therefore highly breathable. The characteristic “sponge effect,” capable of absorbing vapor that migrates inside the wall envelope and slowly releasing it to the outside, gives it a dehumidifying action that contributes to increasing the healthiness of the indoor environment.


The high thermal insulating power and its intrinsic dehumidifying characteristics allow SANAWARME to effectively prevent the formation of condensation on wall surfaces. Thanks to its capillary-level water repellency, it tends to minimize both the formation and negative effects of potential interstitial condensation, thereby enhancing the comfort of indoor environments, in line with procedures and guidelines in the field of green building.


SANAWARME has good sound-absorbing power, especially in the range of high frequencies (> 1000 Hz), making it an optimal material to improve the sound-absorbing performance of walls, reducing indoor noise levels and making them more comfortable to live in.


The READYMESH glass fibers present in the formulation give the product high toughness, ensuring considerable durability over time; moreover, thanks to the mineral and inert nature of most of its components, it is totally non-combustible, with a fire reaction class A1 according to UNI EN 13501-1.


SANAWARME is made exclusively from natural, ecological, and recyclable materials and is therefore perfectly consistent, in every phase of its life cycle, with the eco-compatibility requirements of building products; from the extraction and processing of raw materials, to the production and packaging of the product, to installation and permanence in the building, including any maintenance, replacement, or removal, with recycling and possible reuse of materials.


SANAWARME can be easily applied both manually (trowel, float) and mechanically (using plastering pumps equipped with mixers), preferring, for larger works, application with a plastering machine; it also has excellent workability for at least 60 minutes after the application phase.


SANAWARME offers the assurance of a certified material according to the requirements of UNI EN 998-1 (T), produced by a company present on the market since 1987, working with an ISO 9001 quality system and according to worker safety standards ISO 45001.