SANAWARME is a thermal insulating plaster based on natural hydraulic lime, binders with low soluble salt content, marble granules, kaolin, calcium caseinate, zeolite, expanded perlite, cork flour, natural fibers, and specific anti-saline agents. With the simple addition of water, it creates a lightweight plaster, whose particular alveolar structure, combined with the presence of micro air bubbles, guarantees low thermal conductivity, high thermal insulation power, and a series of advantages in terms of living comfort and eco-sustainability.

  • Ensures a house that is always warm in winter and cool in summer, in a healthy environment free of mold.
  • It is easily adaptable to wall surfaces, both internal and external, without difficult processing and without the need for specialized labor.
  • Creates a uniform thickness that also protects the house from high temperatures, favoring its use in hot climate geographical areas.
  • Thanks to its lightweight structure and the presence of cork, it provides sound absorption properties to plastered surfaces.
  • It is durable because it is made with mineral and non-toxic raw materials.
  • It is eco-sustainable because it contains a portion of recycled material and is entirely recyclable at the end of its life.