• Thoroughly clean the substrates from dust, encrustations, parts in the process of detachment, biological patinas, water-repellent impurities such as grease or oil stains that can compromise the adhesion of sprayed cork SANACORK.
  • Perfectly restore any degraded parts, with or without cracks and fissures with coatings such as RASOCOAT, SANASTOF, SANAKOLL chosen based on the type of substrate and the discontinuities or unevenness to be treated. Eliminate any water stagnation and consolidate friable parts.
  • Protect the portions of the substrate not to be covered with SANACORK by using polyethylene sheets or waterproof paper properly taped.
  • Thoroughly mix the SANACORK compound with a helical whisk mixer for at least 2/3 minutes, until the product “rises” in volume without lumps.
  • Apply SANACORK in two crossed coats using a specific spray gun, equipped with an integrated hopper to an air compressor. Finish the second coat by smoothing the surface with an American spatula.
  • Surface appearance after application. SANACORK adheres perfectly to any type of substrate.