SANADRY System combines the qualities of a special fabric (SANATEX) with those of a mineral-based thermal adhesive-smoothing compound (SANAKOLL). Together, they form a “microcappotto” with a total applied thickness of only 9 mm!

SANADRY System is particularly suitable for solving moisture problems related to capillary rise, mold, and condensation that forms on cold areas of the masonry.

In areas heavily affected by mold, the system can be integrated with our specific low-environmental-impact impregnating treatments (CONSILEX MUFFA CLEANER + CONSILEX MUFFA REMOVER), which quickly and permanently remove biological patinas.

The microcappotto must necessarily be finished with breathable paints or plasters, allowing a good degree of water vapor transmission. Our thermal paints based on potassium silicate (SANAXIL P THERM) or siloxane-based (PROTECH SIL P-THERM) represent the optimal finishes for the system, as they further improve the breathability of the masonry, energy savings, and environmental well-being.

The special configuration of the SANADRY system, thanks to the values of equivalent thermal conductivity, water vapor breathability, and resistance to liquid water transmission, promotes environmental health and energy savings, making surfaces warmer in winter, cooler in summer, and isolated from moisture.

The system is lightweight, flexible, easy to apply, and ideal for restoration or renovation work.

  • The fabric folds and cuts easily with a utility knife; therefore, it molds to all surfaces simply and perfectly.
  • Does not require the removal of plasters or fastening with dowels, making the application quick, easy, and safe for applicators.
  • The smoothing adhesive is essentially mineral-based, ecological, and does not release unpleasant odors or dangerous organic vapor emissions.
  • Bridge effect on cracks. Thanks to the high tensile strength and tear resistance values of the fabric, the SANADRY system acts as an ideal bridge over any plaster cracks, preventing the propagation of surface cracks and thus increasing the durability of the entire applied package, including the finishes.