1. Clean the surface to remove paint layers and expose the bare plaster. Vacuum the dust and moisten the surfaces.
  2. Bond the SANATEX membrane with specific low thermal conductivity mortar SANAKOLL, applied with a smooth metal spatula. Score the SANAKOLL layer with a notched trowel with 5 mm teeth. Consumption of SANAKOLL is 4 kg/m².
  3. Fill the joints where the different rolls of SANATEX meet with SANAKOLL.
  4. Wait for the adhesive to harden. A waiting time of 48 hours or more is recommended. Smooth the surface of the SANATEX membrane with the same specific low thermal conductivity mortar SANAKOLL, applied in two coats with a smooth metal trowel, finishing the second coat with a float. Consumption is 3 kg/m².
  5. When the system is applied externally on large facades, it is recommended to insert a fiberglass mesh such as ARMAGLASS 160 between the first and second coats.
  6. Allow the system to dry for at least one week, then proceed with the finishing cycle using breathable paints or plasters.