Supply and installation of a ready-to-use compound, with a pasty consistency, composed of microparticles (granules and powder) of fragmented natural cork, mixed with acrylic polymer resins in aqueous emulsion, such as SANACORK by Azichem srl. The product should be applied in two crossed coats using a specific spray gun, equipped with a hopper, integrated with an air compressor, aided by an American spatula.

The application surfaces must be sound, dry, and free of stains, dust, and friable and incoherent layers, if necessary, pre-treated with a specific primer.

Included and compensated in the present price are the lifting, waste, necessary equipment, and any other costs and workmanship to deliver the completed work in perfect compliance with the rules of art.

Consumption of SANACORK: from 0.9 to 1.2 kg/m2

Technical characteristics of SANACORK:

  • Brown color (natural)
  • Dense granular paste appearance
  • Solid content 78%
  • pH 7.2
  • Specific weight 0.800 kg/lt
  • Thermal conductivity 0.058 W/mK
  • Elasticity 51.59%
  • Excellent resistance to sea salt
  • Resistance to wood-destroying fungi
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Waterproof 0.2 bar
  • Sound-absorbing