The AZICHEM Research and Development department has been involved for many years, in collaboration with important Research Bodies and Laboratories, in defining the most important thermo-physical and physical mechanical parameters of the SANAWALL system and of the individual constituents of the system. Over the years the collaboration has involved several institutes, allowing an extraordinary deepening of knowledge and a continuous refinement of the system’s performance.

The parameters of each product are shown in the specific technical data sheet which can be downloaded from this site in the sections:

From the point of view of THERMOTECHNICAL CALCULATIONS, the summary table is a valid abacus for professionals who are dealing with the calculation of transmittance of plastered walls with a SANAWALL cycle.

PRODUCT Description and range of thicknesses applied (range) Density of hardened material kg/m3 Specific heat kcal/kgK Conductivity λ (W/mK) Solar Reflect Index
FIXED PRODUCTS OF THE PLASTERING CYCLE UNTERSANA Base coat to the wall from 3 mm to 10 mm
(depending on the irregularity of the masonry)
1820 0,24 0,298
SANAWARME Thermal plaster from 20 mm to 60 mm 400 ~ 0,48 0,077
SANASTOF Smoothing regolarization from 2 mm to 3 mm 1220 0,28 0,297
PROTECH FIX AC-THERM Primer promoting adhesion for finishes from 0.10 to 0.12 mm 970 0,10
POSSIBLE DIFFERENT FINISHES SANAXIL P THERM Thermal silicate paint from 0.18 mm to 0.28 mm 1460 0,10 ♦ 108 ♦
PROTECH SIL P THERM Thermal siloxane paint from 0.18 mm to 0.28 mm 1460 0,10 ♦ 108 ♦
SANAXIL I THERM Thermal silicate plaster from 1 mm to 2 mm
(depending on the particle size chosen)
1370 0,28 ♦ 0,90 ♦ 95 ♦
PROTECH SIL I THERM Thermal siloxane plaster from 1 mm to 2 mm
(depending on the particle size chosen)
1370 0,28 ♦ 0,90 ♦ 95 ♦

♦ By derivation

To fully understand the performance of the SANAWALL System, scientific tests were also carried out at the CERTIMAC ENEA CNR laboratory, specialized in the sector of thermotechnical calculations and in the research and implementation of high energy efficiency construction systems.

The test reports can be consulted here.

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